111hz FREE DOWNLOAD - 45mins - 111hz Pure Delta Wave with 2hz Binaural Beat (Ancient Healing Chamber Extended)

from by Solar Kantari - Meditation and Sound

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Now WE love music, but we’ve kept this long, pure and free of it!

This powerful 111hz Frequency combined with a 2hz Delta Wave is available for Free Download for your listening and frequency manipulating pleasure!

Recently discovered as the resonant frequency of many ancient temples, it’s said to have many miracle-like qualities including Cellular Regeneration, DNA Repair, Whole Body Repair and helping you achieve that state of oneness! 

Maybe that’s why Pythagorus’ Musical Scale began with an ‘A’ tuned at 111hz!

Download it to your devices, try it out, use it in your compositions, let us know what you think!!


What is Delta?

Delta Waves are associated with the very deepest levels of sleep, relaxation, and peace of mind. Operating at a frequency range of 0-4Hz (the slowest of all the brainwaves), Delta Waves are what cause sleep to be restorative, which allow the person to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

What is a Binaural Beat?

Simply put, when two different tones are projected into each ear, left and right, your brain recognises the difference and creates and auditory illusion called a Binaural Beat!

Here’s an example:

If a tone of 110hz is projected into your left ear, and a tone of 114hz is projected into your right hear, you brain will sync to the difference between them, which is 4hz, this is what's known as a 4hz Binaural Beat!Please enjoyed this custom built 177hz Delta Wave with a 3hz Binaural Beat!

Kantari Sound and Meditation Creation:

We are here to help you with your spiritual journey into the higher dimensions of sound, frequency and the love vibration of creation!

We do this by providing original audio content for Meditation, Soundtracks, Epic Journeys, Ambient themes and Alien Chill-Outs.

We also like share content relating to 432hz, 528hz, Ascension, Ancient Tones and Systems, The 5th Dimension, The Supreme Creator and the overall raising of Human Consciousness through sound and music on our social pages!

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Soundtracking the Great 5D shift and beyond!

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